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(65 People Likes) My girlfriend gets angry when I tell her that she flirts with other guys too much, saying that it’s part of her personality. I don’t want her to flirt. What should I do?

Ley anyway. More of a people pleaser. Of course I don’t know, you would know better than me. If so, then you should trust her enough not to be insecure. And accept that she can flirt to a degree. I think the hard part is deciding if she’s going to an extreme level. A little more details needed, maybe tell me a scenario? Do you also flirt with other girls? You are free to do this as long as it’s not too much and doesn’t make her uncomfortable. After all, socializing comes naturally, especially for the opposite sex, even if you have a partner. Step back and enjoy the social situation. If she disappears when you’re together, maybe keep your eyes open if you’re having a good time, she should come to you and then you can see that she’s loyal to you. You should consider what a confident and secure guy would do. They would be confident enough not to get upset and enjoy themselves, maybe flirt with other women or just have normal conversations – not to make them jealous, but si

(83 likes) I’m male. I’ve never kissed (lip to lip). I’ve never kissed a girl before. Is that normal?

I’d settle for the gay-for-the-stay crap, I didn’t feel like having that idea. If you’re 30 and haven’t been kissed yet, I’m sorry, but no. This is definitely not normal. If you are a teenager. Or early 20s, then yes. No big deal. I don’t really understand today’s generation anyway. Everyone is in such a hurry. I’m 30 now, but as I’ve grown

(58 People Likes) What can America really practically do about our ridiculous national debt? It just seems inevitable that one day we will reach the end of our strength.

e against their interests. The debt crisis is a convenient “Slenderman” used by those who want to help the rich keep more money (WSJ/Heritage Foundation/National Review) or the clueless (Tea Party). At its core, the crisis cynically plays on common sense that people tend to think the federal government’s books are like their family finances. You are not. However, macroeconomics is often counterintuitive and confusing. Thus, ordinary people—too busy to read dry economic research—can be lured into supporting policies that both harm their interests and, ironically, increase debt out of a sense of civic responsibility. The recent tax assessment is a perfect example of this. The Trump-sponsored reform was actually a subsidy gift from US citizens to the richest 0.1% (with particularly large gifts to those who invest in real estate and those who will inherit their wealth). How did you do that? ? You lied. They told people that US corporate tax rates were the highest in the world. You are not. We’re in the thick of it when you look at the actual taxes our companies pay. They told us that corporations would reallocate the money into the economy. The problem is that US companies already have too much cash. In the US, companies have returned more capital to investors than they raised. History is a very good guide in these situations, telling us that companies: pay their executives more (management pay is usually linked to profitability), consolidate, acquire and merge (with particularly hostile mergers), and “relax” corporate experiences (not wages and payroll). Think better offices, planes, perks) WalMart tried hard and gave each of their employees an extra $1,000. I don’t want to belittle the importance of $1,000, but remember, (a) they won’t do it again (b) the Walton family will pocket billions, and (c) their stock price rose after the announcement. In other words, the company got good PR, the family took home an extra billion, and gave their employees a one-time gift of a few dollars. And in a few years, when earnings really show the impact of Trump’s gift to the rich, our conservative/tea party leaders will put on their “responsible faces,” and Fox News will start showing stories of stereotypical welfare recipients who the taxpayers. After all, “we have a spending problem” and they’re going to force cuts in education, roads, RD, public transportation… That’s the GOP tax plan in a nutshell. But I digress…. This is an important mechanism known as ‘ageing’. It basically taxes the currency that people hold in cash by devaluing it slightly. Who Holds Cash? Most of it is held outside of the US and by some people who probably wouldn’t mind paying a little tax to the US. Our debt is largely held by US citizens. (Over 65%) The reason Greece was struggling was because the Germans were holding all of its debt. So, transaction money flows benefit US citizens as they sit in US retirees, hedge funds, money markets, etc. That’s more important than it sounds. The main beneficiary of our debt payments is the US Debt service payments are largely recycled within the US economy. So when the government pays interest or pays back the principal, most of it stays in our country to be fed back into our economy sometime soon…. You can not. Despite the hand-wringing, China needs to buy US debt as badly as we need to sell it. The mechanism by which this works would probably be a separate topic. But basically, China has a huge problem. Their cities absorb about 15 million people from the countryside every year. If these migrants cannot afford to live in the cities and find no work, China will have another revolution (btw, this will only get worse for them, thanks to the growing over-representation of men in their country, resulting from their ” “One child” policy. But I digress… China’s strategy (and it’s a good one) is to export out of the impasse. But if they stop finding the US debt, we won’t have money, to buy their exports and they could get pretty volatile. THE BEST WAY TO REDUCE THE DEFICIT IS… SPEND MORE MONEY (REALLY!) The best way to reduce our debt is to spend to stimulate the economy. I have now watched with chagrin as the GOP worked mechanically blocked every bill for infrastructure spending (although our borrowing rate at the time was negative – investors were offering their money at rates so low that inflation was ra te was higher.) Trump promised a massive infrastructure plan but decided he’d be better off cutting taxes on the richest Americans and then claiming we don’t have enough money. How do you “pay off” the debt if you are a country? Well, you don’t have to. You can grow out of it (like we did with WWII debt and started doing it in the 1990s). But here’s the problem, you have to see that the rich pay their fair share… So we get a “debt crisis”. How do you grow out of that? Ironically, you increase the debt level. INVESTING INFRASTRUCTURE IS THE BEST WAY TO SPEND MONEY… BUT IT’S NOT SO GOOD IF YOU’RE RICH AND WANT TO ENJOY YOUR MONEY… Basically, “infrastructure spending” helps the county. Aside from the natural benefits of better roads, power distribution, schools, etc., spending on infrastructure creates jobs and supports businesses. But if you already have a lot of money and don’t want to work hard or innovate, you’ll be worse off. And that’s what it all boils down to. The debt crisis is an invention borne by monetary interests whose main purpose is to protect their wealth rather than to support our country

(68 People Likes) Does wwe really think Seth Rollins has real potential to be the main event? Or will he just be used as a doll until a real thing comes along?

ns is clearly one of the best wrestlers in the current roster. He knows how to carry himself, he knows how to put together a great match every time he wrestles, and he’s great on the mic too. Anything real doll ng below the main event would actually be an insult to the talent he has. At most $3 car wash loves Park Il Established stars in the twilight of their careers, Rollins is certainly one of those superstars who belong to the next generation of main events

(11 Likes) How do I remove this paint stain from a leather doll dress?

soft can be porous. Nail polish remover was absorbed and damaged when the gum was soft. The softness of the rubber would make the Dell’s legs flexible. The leather stains on the dress are difficult to remove. Suggest you take the doll to a specialty store or get some pantyhose to cover the doll’s legs. You would get them at a baby or children’s clothing store. Good luck I know your doll is loved and Cheris

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