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(89 Likes) Why do girls gossip so much in the office?

I don’t really fit in, even though I’m a woman. My idea of ​​talking in the office is to talk about movies and theories about the next movies in any franchise, books, how men grow old like fine wine, etc… but no, people like to gossip about who what’s better, who’s ugly, who’s pretty, who’s sleeping with who, who’s the bigger bitch, etc. And men… well, they talk about who’s fuckable like they’re talking about inflatable dolls. And they talk about other men too. The fact that only women – not men – talk crap about members of their own sex… MYTH. Also the ones 200cm sex doll War to other people for a wounded pride tend to be men. I’m so sorry T

(38 People Likes) What were the weird things you did when you were extremely bored while serving in the military?

straight out of AIT and was working on Blackhawks around the country just a few months after completing training. About 6 weeks after we arrived we took a trip outside the wire fence to a local gravel pit for small arms practice. Shortly after we finished our first shot rep and settled in for an MRE lunch, we were overrun by gypsy kids. Not to reinforce cliches, but they’re thieving little bastards and damn good at it. In the excitement, my Kevlar helmet was stolen from our gear stack along with several other items because the PFC guarding it had been distracted. We got back to base and I filed the paperwork for a field loss with my squad leader like I was supposed to do and forgot about it. About a month later we had an inventory of gear and my Kevlar was missing. Enter my platoon sergeant who was a self-absorbed space cadet and a top-notch bastard. He had forgotten to hand in my field casualty paperwork and now had no business with the missing equipment. Instead of accepting his mistake, he threw me under the bus, claiming I never informed him and “lost” my $1,000 helmet. My squad leader was angry because he personally gave him my field loss documents. As a result, I received an Article 15 summary note, was forced to pay $1000 for a helmet, and received a month’s guard duty. The latter would prove to be a grave mistake on his part. Deployment is usually hyper boring. I took all of that pent-up boredom and made it my life’s mission to get even with this guy for screwing me a thousand bucks. I’ve shagged him in numerous ways, two of which are most worth retelling. I may have gone a bit overboard. I am an INFOSEC professional and was in the military prior to joining. So I recruited a friend with a set of 2-way radios and started teasing him with NETSEND messages. (This was early 2000 and the rules were looser) He had a habit of viewing pornography on his government computer while eating donuts in his CONEX. I had my friend spy on him with binoculars and radio me his behavior so I could contextualize my messages. It would start out something like this: “Viewing pornography is a warning that violates DoD policy and will be prosecuted if discovered…etc.” My friend said, “He just screwed up and got a caught another donut.” Next message: “Hey fatass, don’t piss me off, put down the donut, wipe the sugar off your uniform and click out of Playboy.” Don’t make me report you.” This went on for several weeks until he searched his CONEX for hidden cameras and called basic ops to confess his pornography viewing habits. He was hospitalized in Germany for an anxiety attack over fears he was showing symptoms of “paranoia”. Wayne Newton visited him, he did the grassroots newspaper at Ramstein AFB. However, I was still not satisfied as in the meantime he has been screwing our entire platoon in various ways. As I was passing through Hungary, I visited the nastiest sex shop I could find (much nastier than I expected, Hungarians are apparently very freaked out) with a diabolical and well fancied plan hatched during my undeserved guard duty. A ghost tends to wander if it stares at a pitch black tree line for more than 10 hours. Unfortunately for him, he had given me a good reason to head in a productive direction, his direction. See, the base defense guys were special forces and had a sick sense of humor. I was also good friends with most of them during my extra service. As a result, I was able to include her in my revenge fantasy brought to life, and her participation grew somewhat enthusiastic as I laid out my plan. Sick humor often finds a common cause in the service. While at this sex shop, I bought Granny Tranny magazine (the actual title), a bottle of lidocaine lube, and a purple tinted clear double ended jelly dildo that was longer and thicker than my arm. These items were duly secured in the bottom of my holdall which I knew would not be searched because the searchers were involved. They searched my bag privately when we got back to base to make sure we were following the rules. No rules against dildos, but it would have ruined the surprise if I was “caught” doing a random bag check in public. There was a lot of praise for my weapon choice. I kept that shit in the BDOC locker until just before we got transferred back to the States. My time on guard served to carry out my plan, my PSG had been the architect of its own downfall. I knew the routine, and after everyone had packed up their shit and left it in their barracks room for detail to load, I let myself into PSG’s room with a key I got from a disgruntled roommate (my squad leader). . I proceeded to tuck the half-full bottle of lube, the magazine I’d squirted water/lube to make it look well used, and the rather worn-out double-ended monster into one of his pockets. (There may have been a dildo-swordfight or three with it by bored BDOC staff on the night shift, one of which might or might not have involved the dildo->face version of a slap fight between two bored SF e-6 renderers… one of them knocked out… ) Then I sprayed the outside of his pockets with chow hall sauce diluted in water to make sure the drug dogs were alerted. See, all of our gear was laid out for us, worth a battalion, as we stood in parade calm in front of our departing plane while the base defense team ran dogs over our bags before we loaded the plane. Everything found resulted in the culprit being called out in front of the entire battalion while their shit was dumped all over the floor and searched. When they got to PSG’s bags, the dogs gave an urgent warning as food (Chow Hall Gravy) is not allowed. I swear Karma got involved in the joke because he couldn’t have played it better if it had been rehearsed. The first bag they threw away wasn’t the cash injection, but unsurprisingly he’d tried to circumvent the rules himself and had local coffee and crackers in his bag. He was tense and speaking quickly in a nervous tone that they really didn’t need to search his other pockets because that was all he had. He basically jumped right in front of the oncoming phallus bus, pretending for the hell of it he desperately didn’t want them to search his other pockets. When one of my friends explained to him that it didn’t work that way, my other friend piped up in a drill instructor’s voice at the top of his voice, “Holy shit, Top, what the fuck is that?!?!” When caught up in the joke, he made sure to dramatically pull the E-Meter plus Double-Ender out of his holdall and hold it over his head as if pulling Excalibur out of the stone. It took the battalion a second to realize what it was as it circled over the head of my SF friends, but when they did the result was a total loss of all military discipline throughout the battalion. People sat on the floor because they were laughing so hard they couldn’t bear it. When my battalion commander recovered he had an obvious urine stain on his BDUs and he was not alone. To top it off, my friends from Base Defense really got into an improv comedy routine riffing on the best material they had after months of pranking each other with this dildo. Scheduling it so that as soon as people began to recover, they pulled another item out of the holdall and doubled the misery/hilarity. “What the heck Top, why does this lube have lidocaine in it?” “Dude, look at that monster dildo. You would need it.” “What I want to know is why is it double sided? Who’s your fight buddy Top?” *gag* “OMA TRANSE? Seriously?!?! What the hell?!?!” *harder gagging* “Eww, dude, the damn pages are sticking together.” My platoon sergeant was reduced to that, incoherently, “I swear I don’t know where that came from, it’s not stuttering. has turned the color of a well-cooked Maine lobster. When we got back to the States he dropped his pension package instead of the promotion he was talking about. Serves him right, no corporal giving a shit is worth throwing his soldiers under the bus to cover their ass. That’s what officers are for. This prank became a legend in our unit for a while. I never did it and officially no one “knew” who did it. But as long as I’ve been with this unit we’ve had him every time an inspection has someone managed to sneak a dildo into my duffel bag, I suspect it was my squad leader giving me a weird shake of the head

(13 People Likes) Is it okay for a man in a relationship to want a sex/love doll?

And a reasonably safe partner would probably not find this stressful at all, just as reasonably safe people would not be threatened by a vibrator. A doll is not a person, just a mass of silicon. A mass of silicone cannot compete with a person. I have a partner who threatened to buy me a sex doll like this because she thinks it would be fun to let me do things with it while she watches. Safe people are not afraid of sex toys

(84 People Likes) As we near the release of full fledged sex robots

When we announce the release of full fledged sex robots, we will also see improvements in sex doll technology. Many of the early features of sex robots are implemented in sex dolls to make them more lifelike. If you want to learn more about sex robots, you can read about their release here – What will the first sex robots look like? Here are the sex doll trends we’re most looking forward to seeing approx

(19 Likes) How can I buy a sex doll?

real looking sex doll at a very low price. You can look for real sex dolls on dolljunction.com and the best price is these dolls will only cost you $130~$150. I do not think so. I don’t think I’ve seen a lower PR

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