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(38 Likes) What was the strangest question you were asked while crossing an international border?

There were some essential medicines that were not available in Pakistan, so with great difficulty I bought them in the US and then flew to New York from where I was supposed to go to Pakistan. When I tried to board the flight from New York to Pakistan, I found I had no idea where my passport was. I must have left it in Florida. If I went back I would miss my flight as well as the cost and the next flight would be much later because it was holiday season and flights were booked for weeks. The drug also had a very short shelf life, so I just told the airline agent that I had to go, even without a passport, because it was a life and death situation. She replied that it was not possible to travel without a passport. It was 1985, the US was a different country, and the name Pakistan raised no alarm. I asked to see a manager. I explained my situation to the supervisor and said that I have dozens of ways to prove that I am Pakistani, I went to school there, I have relatives there, so I will be able to cope with anything there happens. She said if they deported me from Pakistan for any reason, the airline would have to pay the return shipping cost and would be fined $25,000 and asked if I was sure. I guaranteed I was confident I could handle it and that was all it took. (If I had been deported from Pakistan, I would have been in real trouble because there was no way I could re-enter the US without a passport or visa!) I had the middle seat of three on the plane, so I told both my neighbors about my predicament . I explained that I might be arrested at the airport until I can verify my identity, so I described my luggage and asked for your help to bring the medicine to my brother. I gave them phone numbers of relatives who would come and pick up the medicine. I realize now that it must have sounded a bit fishy (delivery of unknown drugs to a person traveling without a passport) but it seemed like they believed me (it was an innocent time once again). After taking care of it, it was a long flight so I went to sleep and slept for about 18 hours. When I woke up, my neighbors asked how I could sleep. They said that they both talked the whole time and couldn’t sleep worrying about what would happen to me. When we got off the plane I got a bit nervous too and managed to get out first so I was the first person in line. When the immigration officer asked for the passport, I explained that I happened to not have a passport. It was about 3am and he was tired so my explanation didn’t stand out at all. He repeated, “Can I have your passport?” After a second time, he finally found that no pass came. By now the line behind me was getting long, so he asked me to step aside and wait. After a long while, a second officer came and heard my story. He left again, scratching his head and saying that this was the first time he had seen such a case. After an even longer wait, after which the line was almost ready, another officer came and we went through the same story. This person finally said, “Look, whoever is involved with you is going to get in trouble. They’re already past the immigration counter, so why not just spare us the hassle. Slowly blend in with the rest of the crowd and fairly proceed to baggage claim!” I took a deep breath, took a few steps, worried that some alarm would start ringing or that a guard would stop me, but I saw said nothing had happened so I took a few more steps. I think they were looking the other way on purpose. After that, with a little more confidence, I just walked to baggage claim and waited for my bags to arrive. Once outside, asked i have friends in florida

(51 Likes) Is Chucky (Child’s Play) a real doll? And which company made this doll for the film?

‘s Play film featuring the doll character “Chucky” was released in 1988. (My Buddy (doll) – Wikipedia
1950 I love Lucy Dolls Worth . Here’s a photo of the real 1985 doll: Here’s a photo of Chucky as the fictional “Good Guy” doll before his appearance turns “evil”: You can see the general resemblance to the 1985 doll design. The real Hasbro/Playskool “My Buddy” doll, like the Realistic Sex Dolline movie doll, was designed as a playmate, aimed at young boys. In 2016, Mezco Toyz produced an officially licensed Chucky doll based on the film character. Note that

(78 People Likes) We’ll look at the hits and misses of both in this article.

Hut plays the role of a lubricant when you give a blowjob, making the experience more enjoyable. Sex dolls, on the other hand, don’t have the naturally occurring saliva that necessitates the use of lube. Also, sex dolls are automated and lack the human sense of warmth that the environment makes conducive. The human mouth is usually warm, which enhances the sexual experience. Unlike women, sex dolls do not get tired and do not take time to catch their breath. This means the blowjob will be a continuous exp 1950 I love Lucy Dolls Worth with no need to stop halfway. However, women are great at blowjobs as their tongue is good at wiggling contrary to their auto count

(89 People Likes) Where can I buy a cheap TPE or silicone sex doll with shipping to Sweden in the European Union?

In Sweden, check EUsexdolls, EUSexDolls – Europe’s top doll shop, realistic TPE silicone love dolls, they have warehouses in Scandinavia and will be quick cheap sex dolls for you to come to sw

(83 People Likes) What movie is so disturbing you’ll never see it again?

I suppose that was my own form of rebellion back then. Among them were KIDS, Gummo, Requiem for a Dream, Pink Flamingoes and more. While they were all difficult to watch in one way or another, I actually liked most of these films, and I wouldn’t say most were so disturbing that I never wanted to see them again. At least most, not all. I have a handful that I’d rather not look at even after all these years. Stoic (2009) was one that I found difficult to continue watching during certain scenes. Not to go into too much detail, it took place in a prison cell with four inmates, then three of them teamed up with one and basically tortured him to death. I was sick of how realistically cruel and grim it was. When it was over I was able to appreciate the better aspects of the film, such as the acting, which was uncomfortably convincing, and how they used the minimal budget to their advantage. Still, I was shaken for a while after seeing it. It wasn’t entertainingly outrageous like Pink Flamingos (although that film is on thin ice for me). It didn’t have the masterful direction of a film like A Clockwork Orange. I think it was executed well enough for what it is, but I didn’t have much reason or desire to watch it again. I don’t know if it would bother me as much now as it did then (I’m 17 now) but as far as I can remember I’d rather not go back and find out. — Mala Noche (1988) is a film that I’m not entirely sure should be disturbing, but it scared me nonetheless. It wasn’t gory or violent, it was repulsive in the sense that it was told from the perspective of a grown man who is sexually pursuing two teenagers, and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it at all. He even addresses the fact that they were probably only around 16, but he cheerfully describes how badly he wants to have sex with them throughout the film. That’s pretty much the whole plot. Both of them were clearly uncomfortable with his flirtation, and if he had sex with either of them, it was only for money. It didn’t help that it was cheaply made. There are some parts that are ridiculous, boring, and/or just downright pathetic. I wouldn’t mind never seeing it again. – Now The Human Centipede movies…. I don’t think I’ve seen all of them, but the ones I did sit through weren’t entertaining enough to justify how gross they were. I enjoy a disturbing movie to disturb every now and then (if I can take anything good out of it), these just didn’t do it for me. Maybe having one person’s mouth sewn to another person’s anus was too much? Because there was a point where I wondered why I was even watching. Again, maybe that wouldn’t be as bad now as it was 12-13, but I’m not keen to find out. If I may say so

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