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(11 People Likes) Why did Hitler see that German soldiers were given blow-up sex dolls?

French) who were deployed to defend Berlin and the Führerbunker. They were originally called: Légion des Volontaires Français contre le Bolchévisme, or LVF).
SS Charlemagne Grenadiere
Obersturmbannführer Mayol De Lupé (Military priest French Foreign Legion, Chaplain in the LVF). He was 63 years old.
They fiercely fought the Russian advance in Berlin, and together with elements of the Hitler Youth destroyed a great number of Russian tanks using panzerfausts. Hitler Youth fighters were boys, some of them, very young. During the battle of the Bulge, some American soldiers were distressed to find that their opponents were mere children… They were however some of the most tenacious combatants.
Hitler Youth
Hitler youth with Panzerfaust waiting to hit soviet tanks… I included this image
above from the movie “Der Untergang” because it reflects very well what was going on, as to the weaponry used by the HJ, and the young age of the combatants.
Hitler Youth boy decorated with the iron Cross
(looks to me as an 11–12 year old boy…)
The name of this Hitler Youth boy was Hans-Georg Henke. He was crying due to the effects of combat shock. Both his parents were dead. He’s just a kid who has seen the abyss and bursted into tears….
I am very glad to report that Hans-Georg Henke survived the war. He died of natural causes in 1997. Above is an image in his later years
Fighting in Berlin
Inferno in Berlin
Fighting was heavy in Berlin and by April 28, 108 soviet tanks had been destroyed….and counting. In the end SS Charlemagne soldiers were annihilated. From the 300 men or so, only a few men remained defending the Führerbunker even after Hitler’s suicide on April 30. After surrendering, some were summarily executed by French authorities. In one case, there was an interesting exchange between Free French General Philip Leclerc and a group of 10 Waffen SS-Charlemagne soldiers captured. The general asked them, “Why are you wearing German uniforms?” One of the captured men immediately and firmly replied, asking him “Why are you wearing an American uniform?” (Leclerc had served under the Americans and there were not many French uniforms available). All were shot on Leclerc’s orders without trial on May 8.
And now, another interesting case, but this time, about someone who when all was lost fought for the opposite reason namely, fighting for his people, only. We are talking about General Walther Wenck who being the youngest general in the German army, was known as the “Boy General”.
General Walther Wenck
General Wenck and Field Marshal Heinz Guderian
He liked pranks. Once he had an 88 mm cannon fire some rounds to scare a visiting General taking a bath in the bathtub, who jumped out of it, dripping wet to the amusement of Wenck.
Hitler was not known for his sense of humor, much less during those times, full of bad news from the front. In 1944 as Chief of Staff of Army Group South Ukraine, Wenck reported to Adolf Hitler about the situation and conditions in the area. He told Hitler, “As you can see my Führer, the Eastern Front is like a Swiss cheese…. Full of holes”. He was lambasted by his superior officers for using colloquial language. However, Hitler commended the “liveliness” of his report…..
He was initially in charge of Operation Solstice” 15-18 February 1945 involving a German counter attack which stopped Zhukov’s forces, delaying his offensive against Berlin for two months.
The area controlled by Wenck’s army to his rear and east of the Elbe River turned into a vast refugee camp for German civilians fleeing the path of the approaching Soviet forces. Wenck put great effort to provide food and lodging for these refugees. It was estimated that, the 12th Army was feeding more than a quarter million people every day.
Incidentaly, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, the longest-serving Foreign Minister of the Bundesrepublik and a key architekt of the 1990 German reunification was a soldier in Wenck’s army.(I once bumped into him in the first class cabin of an international Lufthansa flight, and no, I didn’t try to start a conversation with him).
Hans-Dietrich Genscher

On 22 April, Wenck’s 12th Army became Hitler’s last hope to save Berlin, so he ordered Wenck to stop attacking the Americans to his west and attack instead the Soviets encircling Berlin.
Wenck’s army, only recently formed, organized a violent counter attack which surprised the Russians surrounding the German capital. Wenck made initially some progress but was stopped outside Potsdam by overwhelming soviet forces.
Soviet units linked up on 27 April, encircling Berlin cutting off German forces inside Berlin from the rest of the country.
During the night of 28 April, Wenck reported to the OKH-Oberkommando des Herres in Fuerstenberg that his Twelfth Army had been forced to retreat along the whole front. However, Hitler specifically insisted on his original orders to Wenck.
General Wenck disobeyed Hitlers direct orders to attack Berlin from the Elbe River. Instead, he led an attack southeast of Berlin to provide a corridor for the remnants of the German Ninth Army and most of all, for the thousands upon thousands of civilians trapped by the soviets, looking to escape west of the Elbe and surrender to the Americans. Wenck had heard the distressing calls crying for help over open radio frequencies from the small remnants of the 9th Army, as well as from civilians, desperate to flee Berlin.
Wenck could have avoided further fighting and easily go over to the American lines and surrender to the Americans However, he knew what the trapped soldiers and civilians could expect from the soviets… General Wenck thought there was no way he would abandon them without trying his best to help them, even with his very limited resources in equipment and able men. Paraphrasing him, General Wenck told his men: “Comrades, you’ve got to go in once more, It’s not about Berlin, it’s not about the Reich or Hitler anymore.” Their task was to save people from the Russians.
Once again, exhausted as they were with very little ammunition left, the remnants of the 12th Army violently attacked the Russians encircling Berlin to punch a hole and create a life-saving corridor. Wenck called to the people of Berlin, telling them “Hurry up we are waiting for you!” It was a non-coded broadcasted radio message ensuring thus that all military units and civilians could hear it and move to safety. It also meant that the soviets could also hear it, and thus use all their military might to destroy the corridor created by the 12th Army
Very soon, Soviet forces began piercing the German lines. General Wenck impassionedly called upon his men again to “Hold the corridor! Once again, German forces threw themselves in bitter, furious counterattacks to keep the line of retreat open.
By the time the men of the 12th Army were forced to retreat, close to three hundred thousand soldiers and civilians had made it to safety.
Walther Wenck in his later years
These fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters both young and old were saved from horrendous torment and possibly death by the sacrifice of General Wenck’s men of the 12th Army. Each life the 12th Army gave saved dozens of lives, and they did it, not for the Reich, certainly not for Hitler but for their own people. According to a report, a soldier of the 12th Army later remarked that he and his comrades felt a “feeling of loyalty, a sense of responsibility and comradeship” while trading their own lives to save their comrades and thousands of civilians.
Compare this attitude with that of the SS-Charlemagne unit who were not fighting for “their people” as they were not even born in Germany…! They fought exclusively for Hitler to the bitter end, that is, they were either

(87 People Likes) Abuse of Joints

. Some of you like to go a bit buck wild with your dolls. We’re totally cool with that. Enjoy your dolls as much as you want, and try out your wildest fantasies. Just keep one thing in mind. Your doll was designed to feel and move the way a real person does. When you move or twist your dolls arms, legs, torso, or head too roughly, things could break or dislocate. The same thing goes for applying too much weight or hitting your doll with extreme i

(52 People Likes) Is it illegal or immoral to open up a sex doll brothel?

r may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.
Realistic Life Sized Sex Doll Provide W 1971 mattel baby tender love dolls nderful Sex Experience

Which country you are ?Having sex with a life size sex doll give me the realist sex I had never experie

(60 People Likes) What is your most embarrassing moment with your crush?

consisting of 3 boys and 4 girls. One day after surviving continuously 3 periods of boring lectures we decided to bunk last 2 classes.We were planning to go somewhere and spend some amazing time, but when you have 4 girls in your group the only instant trip that could be possible is to go shopping mall.
Image source -google
We were all set relieve pressure of boring lectures at shopping mall.
In the group of 4 girls, I had crush on one. Other 3 female friends along with boys knew it, they also tease me many times taking her name but not before her. She is a kind of shy girl with straight forward attitude and only speaks when it is necessary.
So we reached at shopping mall after making a crazy, exciting road trip of 10-15km.After parking we were heading towards entrance of lift. So here my day full of embarrassing moments was about to start. Girls told let’s go to clothing section first, we all agreed. I had been to that mall once before. So in a smart way and show off purpose I pressed 5th floor button saying its the clothing floor.We were about to exit from the lift on 5th floor,then I found there was a lift man came forward clearing his path to monitor board. Actually when we entered into lift making noise and hitting each other out of fun, unknowingly we pushed that lift man to the extreme corner of lift.That irritated lift man giving me a sarcastic look told clothing store is in 3rd floor.Also told “let me do my job,I am paid for this job,”I could understand he was angry,. My friends started laughing loud at me, also some uncle aunties there looked at me raising their eyebrows. I looked at my crush, she was also giggling covering handkerchief over her lips. I was embarrassed there. Any how we reached at clothing section, secretly in college, I had told my other friends to let me and my crush spend some time together. I just told them in a funny way but they took it seriously and making excuses they disappeared into different stores leaving both of us together. Finally 1st time ever I felt blessed having such kindhearted friends.I was so excited to impress her in every step and lost in making plan. She told to have a look on latest saree collection.She wanted to buy something for her mom’s next week birthday. We were seeing variety of sarees, I saw something in the store that dragged my attention. I saw a small kid went straight to the plastic model board, I don’t know what he was trying to do with that, suddenly he got hit by the model hand and fell on the ground. That showcase model fell on him and wrapping around the saree he was creeping like a lizard also crying. People on the mall ran to him to help him. But looking at his creepy walk wrapped in a saree I couldnot control my laughter,I just laughed, then I realized people were staring at me and his parents were giving me angry looks. One Aunty also started giving me lecture in a loud voice before all customers and sales persons about manner.With my head down hearing her unwanted lectures, I slightly looked at my crush,she was also looking at me eyes open. Again habbit of laughing at serious moment made me embarrassed before the crowd and my crush.
Soon we left the store and I told her to have some food. We were in food court. She had a coffee and I ordered burger. We left to see newly arrived fashionable watches to the watch collection area. I was still having the burger taking small small bites. If I were at home with that burger I could have finished the whole one in just 2bites, before crush I was taking bites like a parrot. The sales lady was showing us watches I felt an uncle suddenly came and stood beside me. Those two ladies just turned back to get more watches form the self and my crush was in deep concentration choosing watches I just heard a humongous burp with distinctive odor from beside uncle. As soon as I Iooked that uncle he turned around putting mobile at his ear.I don’t know what happened to him suddenly, how could someone do like this in a public place, infact when ladies are around.Scolding that old man in mind when I rotated my eye balls to watch section and about to take a bite of my burger, I found those two ladies, some customers along with my crush were staring me with eyes full of angerness. Now I understood why did that uncle turned back instantly, so that he could put all blame one me, I wanted to say them but it would be worthless. I felt embarrassed again. By this time all my excitement had gone to impress my crush.I was clueless why all these things were happening with me when I am trying to act as hero before her. Soon we left from that shop and I could not even gathered courage to talk to her about that incident where I was totally innocent but had to take blame. I thought to impress her giving ice cream. I told her to stay there and wait for me to come. I rushed to ice cream zone in food court, I found their they are running out of icecream and need 1 hr to get back the stock . Again luck didnt support me. Out of disappointment I put on earphone and left that place. I came to her, she asked what happened I just made some excuses. She just got the call from our friends whether shopping done or not. I had put on head phone listening music, she was talking with friends over mobile.I could not notice when she moved ahead in search of good network. I was enjoying music while scrolling music playlist in one hand and putting another hand in pocket.Rotating head in music tunes randomly I saw there is another kulfi ice cream stall. Taking out hand from my pocket out of curiosity I was about to drag her holding her wrist, Soon I felt a bunch of bracelets in her hand. But I knew she doesn’t wear such stuffs. My mind Started thinking uncertain possibilities of something bad to happen, soon I turned aside I found myself holding hand of a middle aged woman, not only I had holded also Initiated dragging .My brain gone blank and being scared instantly I left her hand and apologized her for such Misunderstanding, giving me a weird look out of confusion she rushed into a shop.I felt so embarrassed boefre her. I got sweated and did my best to get back my normal expression sooner. Just pretending like nothing has happened when I just turned back I saw my crush looking at me with eyebrows raised in doubtful eyes. Now I had been completely exhausted of the weird things happening to me. All the curiosity of spending lovely time with her seemed dusty and went in vain.I really regretted for making my friends agree on bunking class. I actually wished if I would have busy in pen fight in sunita mam’s photosynthesis class now,all these stupid and embarrassing things would not be happening with me. I also cursed myself for saying my friends to leave us alone. I was fighting all these battle in my mind at that moment , she came and told, friends are waiting at parking lot for us. Out of disappointment I walked after her to the lift. That lift man had not forgot my face still and kept staring me. I was in no mood to talk to anyone. I just sticked to that extreme corner of lift where we had pushed that lift man.I was cursing my fate sticking to the lift wall.
image source-google
She turned around, saw me standing at a distant and lost in some serious thoughts. Putting hand on my shoulder she told “kabhi kabhi aisa hota h yr”(Chill, it happens sometime buddy).
And with this console from her

(23 People Likes) What is the best way to hide a torso sex doll? I currently live with my grandparents to take care of my grandpa so is there a way I can hide my torso sex doll from my grandma because I am thinking about buying one? She is a very religious person

cal affection, life can be pretty darn grim at times. Only a few select have a line of people waiting to satisfy them, yet the rest either have to go without, experience dry spells, or pay for it. Hmm, doesn’t sound all that fun, does it?
But in a change of events, the way in which a man can get off has transformed tremendously over the last few y
ears, making it so much easier to receive intense satisfaction.
Today, we’re looking at sex dolls, sex doll torsos, fleshlights, and other male masturbaters. All of these cool gadgets have different appearances and ways in which to bring about a warm release.
So if you’re looking for the perfect little present to gift yourself without spending a pretty penny, we’ve put together a guide on how to make your own sex doll. In this way, you’ve got something sexual waiting for you at the end of a long day… or, whenever you fancy, quite frankly!
Save the bucks, and follow the trend that is DIY, because making your own sex doll is actually easy!
1. Ass, Legs, Pussy
Step One: Take a pair of underwear (a pair of mens tight boxers may work the best) and cut a small hole in the crotch section
Step Two: Roll a socks so that there’s an opening for something to be inserted comfortably
Step Three: Make your own sponge pocket pussy by taking two washing up sponges and stacking them on top of each other with a latex glove put in between. Use a few rubber bands along the length to keep this DIY pocket pussy in place. Take the entrance of the rubber glove and wrap it over the two sponges, creating an entrance.
Step Four: Place the sponges (aka, your pocket pussy) into the sock, and then place it in the small hole you’ve made in the pair of underwear.
Step Five: Roll two towels, and put each one into a leg of the underwear, which will act as the legs.
Step Six: Take a larger towel and put it inside the underwear, which will create the ass.
Step Seven: Use a belt to keep all of the
se different towels in place.
Step Eight: Have fun!
While this isn’t exactly a full blown sex doll, choices are somewhat limited when it comes to making one yourself. On the other hand, this sex doll does come with a soft ass that can be built as large as you like, giving off a human-like appearance!
At the same time, the pocket pussy will give you a tight and yummy sensation, which is ultimately the end goal, right?
2. Fold and Fuck
On that note, if you’re looking to make things simpler for you, and merely want to create a DIY pocket pussy, you can forget about the additional bits and pieces, and simply:
● Fold a towel into a rectangle
● get a rubber glove and fold the towel around the glove, which will create a tight hole.
● Lastly, add some lube and you’re ready to go to town
3. Tight Spaces
Alternatively, you could:
● Take a soda bottle with the top cut off
● Take two sponges and put them next to each other on a rectangular sheet of bubble wrap
● Fold the bubble wrap in, covering the sponges but created a space in the middle of the two sponges
● Squeeze the sponges into the bottle, and voila!
One thing to note if you’re hoping to try this one: make sure the soda bottle is cut evenly. Jagged edges may cause some discomfort or pain. Also, make sure the sponges are snug so that they won’t fall out or move during play time!
And last but not least, the easiest one of them all, is the love seat masturbator.
4. The Love Seat
If you want a quick go-to helping hand, you could:
● Get a zip lock back and cut the zip lock off
● Add lube to the bag generously (all over)
● Put the zip lock bag under a sofa cushion
● Use the bag to get off, adding as much pressure as you’d like by pushing down on the sofa cushion
See? Who said that making your own sex doll would be difficult? Now all that’s left to do, is to try each of these intriguing DIY sex dolls, and see how you like them!
Surely each method will provide different kinds of sensations, but it’s your tantalising job to find your absolutely favourite.
Or, if you fancy something a little bit more progressive that doesn’t take tons of time and doesn’t cost an arm or a leg either, you could consider a TPE sex doll torso. They’re likelike, soft, easy to clean and maintain, and are ready for you to play with.
Each sex

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